Sunday, June 11, 2006

Soocer stars: Big time earners

Real Madrid's David Beckham is soccer's top-earning star, bringing in $US24 million ($32 million) a year from endorsements which is estimated three times his playing salary. His most lucrative deal is with Gillette , and estimated to be worth $US9 million over three years. Ronaldinho is the most commercially valuable football player in the world, according to a study by Omnicom Group subsidiary BBDO Germany . The player's endorsements include Nike, PepsiCo and Sony. Adidas have a long-term sponsorship deal with Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona, announced in February. The company believes he will make an ideal replacement for their two biggest stars, David Beckham and Zin├ędine Zidane . Messi inspired Argentina to a World Youth Championship in 2005 as well as producing dazzling displays for FC Barcelona in the Champions League earlier this year. Heralded as the new Maradona, the legendary Argentina World Cup star of the 1980s and 1990s who was voted best player of the 20th century by FIFA, the international governing body of soccer. Adidas have high hopes for Bayern Munich’s new signing, Lukas Podolski (previously with FC Cologne). The Polish-born striker enjoyed a sensational start to his international career, scoring seven goals in his first 13 appearances. The Prinz has picked up a significant portfolio of endorsements. Adidas have already created a Podolski line of boots. Up and coming talent Francesc Fabregas (Arsenal) is another exceptional young talent being looked at with interest by marketers. Unlike many of his contemporaries he is articulate, intelligent and charismatic which are all attractive qualities to marketers. Anyway who needs sponsors when you have divine intervention, not the Hand of God style, but the support of a genuine mystic with voodoo powers. Togbui Assiogbo Gnagblondjro III is a voodoo fetish priest and keen devotee of Togo. He has told the team they will go far in the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006. Now before you dismiss the power of the occult in football think of Wayne Rooney's broken metatarsal and how it has miraculously recovered in record time. Well whilst treatment and rest may have contributed the result really came through the works of The site lets users rub the Rooney’s foot with the cursor and the player much needed strength to play in Germany. Seems to have worked and it looks like England will, need him!!

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