Thursday, June 15, 2006

We're going kick your F***''en, head in !

It seems to go with the turf, football and terrace violence. Since the beginning of the game where partisan supporters gathered violence would naturally follow. No surprise then to see unruly behaviour spill out into the streets and become the focus for anarchists and anti-social types in Germany. England and Germany have been cursed with hooligan elements for many years and are natural enemies, seems however Polish youths and young adults have joined the fray to terrorise the streets. National fervor rules in the mob mentality and racist taunts relate to long standing hatered and distrust dating back to the Wars I and II. Ironically millions lost their lives then in the struggle to prevent the very barbaric behaviour we witness today in civilized society. There are more Fascists alive now than were breathing in the 30s and the sad thing is they seems to associated with the beautiful game. With full anticipation of disruptive behaviour authorities across Europe have united to try to prevent mayhem in the streets of Germany. Clearly this has not been 100% successful according to reports but can assume at least the known ‘hard core’ are not directly involved. UK authorities have banned 3,500 England fans from attending the World Cup. These include known organizers and risk supporters (i.e. Alpha males and females currently the subject of a football banning order but who may have a history or criminal record).Targeted troublemakers were told to surrender their passports. The number represents a thirty percent increase in the amount who were barred from Euro 2000. A sad fact in itself as it demonstrates unruly behaviour is on the increase. England fans have gained a reputation for violence over the past two decades. Brawling supporters caused mayhem at the 1998 World Cup in France and at Euro 2000 in Belgium, although there was little trouble at Euro 2004 in Portugal. Unlike the UK, most other countries have no legal powers to prevent potentially violent fans from traveling. Instead they engage undercover officers (spotters) to mingle with the crowds. There are also 80 British police officers, including some in uniform, based in Germany while England remain in the tournament. Inter rivalry gang disputes are temporarily forgotten as ruffian groups form national firms with mutual animosity for the month to battle rival fans in the World Cup. Whoever wins the championship on the field is immaterial the new kids on the block want to match and overtake the feats of the supreme rebel rousers, The English in the Hooligan World Cup. Crime, politics and unemployment are thought to underpin much of the social unrest fueled by bravado fed by alcohol and illicit drugs.

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