Friday, June 30, 2006

Who's the poofter in the boots?

Bobby Moore Superstar, walks like a woman and he wears a bra.” Went the chant at Hampden Park, when England came to play Scotland on their annual get together.

Questioning the manhood of an opposition player is a common ploy indulged upon by rival fans. More than likely this impacts on the terracing rather than the individual on the field but all that is immaterial when you are trying to help your team to win. A common indictment is to imply effeminacy in a player and what better way of knowing than the colour of a player’s boots. Up until FIFA World Cup 2002 Korea Japan it was only the very brave who sported coloured boots on the pitch but since Metro sexual David Beckham has broken the mould, now everyone on the field feels comfortable in coloured boots. Sociologists believe clothing has important social significance which tells much about the personality of the wearer. Humans see and react to visual signals emitted by clothing and this at a football match provides the safest distance to judge a stranger. No self respecting German fan would in a normal course of events wish to be confined in a lift with a group of lager swilling English fans, dressed accordingly. Fig leaf mentality may explain why we have covered up, but by far the major reason for clothing is decoration. The essential purpose of decoration is to beautify bodily appearance, so as to attract admiring glances from others and fortify self-esteem. Simply put boots outwardly represent a non-verbal sign of gender, presence, and personality. Many believe this is due to the encoded messages they contain which are recognized by our primal subconscious. Male footwear is part of a uniform to mark membership in a group, (I am a player). Western man embraces the idea that evolution compels them to compete in all areas of life from the soccer pitch to the corridors of power. In truth this competition is about sexual selection. Thus what an individual player looks like, how they dresses and groom themselves, may be of far more importance to a potential mate than whether he can beat his opposite number on the field. So Bec’s blue boots may have more to do with Victoria then Brazils’ defense. Style icons are real people with a vibration within, totally individual not fashion followers by fashion setters who are true to themselves. So what is with Beckham in ladies knickers? Some men prefer texture, fit or even the sensation of constraint in ladies clothing and why not. Modern masculinity is defined by being all that is not feminine, whereas femininity has always been slightly more pragmatic. Campness, male homosexuality and all associated eccentricities are an integral part of masculinity after all gay men are not women with willies. Yet the idea that they are, perpetuates straight male fears of losing their masculinity through the slightest frivolity. Think about that next time you are in the terracing.

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