Monday, August 10, 2009

Nomis Boots: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

The verdict is out and subscribers to have voted NOMIS as the winner in the prestigious category “Outrageous football boot of the year 2009”. According to the manufacturer the Spark FG NXGEN has proven popular because of a combination of new technologies including one called Dual Control grip enhancing treatment in the tanning process. This allows hi-resolution design to be incorporated onto the NOMIS leather upper. Laboratory tests have shown the Dual Control Technology provides significantly more grip in dry conditions compared to other standard leather boots. The boots’ leather is soft, strong, and breathable, providing excellent sweat resistance and totally colourfast. Again according to the manufacturer this gives better grip gives more control, power, swerve and ultimate performance. Nomis boots also contain sole plates to protect the metatarsals and other key bone structures whilst allowing rotational movement of the foot. Designers have also changed the shape of studs and repositioned them to give greater pressure distribution across the feet without loss to traction and pivot. The boots are made from kangaroo and quality bovine skins and treated to stay the same weight during game play. The outsole is specially treated to reduce the amount of mud, grass, and dirt collected during normal game play. These technologies was been developed over time and with much consultation as well as extensive wear trials to ensure the boots could stand up to demands of competitive football. The Swiss based company NOMIS Sports AG was founded in Australia by Simon Skirrow in 2003. Using patented technologies and quality materials the company focus on delivering the optimum combination of performance, comfort and modern design in a football boot. Nomis boots are available on-line at

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