Friday, August 27, 2010

Remote controlled football boots: Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

The vuvuzela is much cheaper than bagpipes and makes equally as much din. So in my stocking this year I want a vuvuzela. One with all the customised decals would be best. If I am really a good boy and eat my crusts I would like remote controlled football boots (read soccer for football Santa since you are American and drink Coca Cola). The kit comes with a ball, 2 boots, a couple of nets and remote controls. Each boot has an electric motor with 4 hidden wheels which allow them to move: forwards, backwards, to the left and right. Each boot transmits a different frequency which allows them to be remote controlled. The boots are colour coded in red or blue with orange. I want to amaze my friends with trick back-heel shots and expert scoring skill. Eventually I can join a team and play Thunderboots Remote controlled football in competition with others. If there are no remote controlled football boots left then can I please have R/C Robot Soccer . The set contains a mini soccer field, one soccer ball and two miniature soccer playing remote control robots. These are fitted with four wheels and move just like the boots.

Thank you in anticipation, and who is you most favourite player by the way? Mine is Jim Baxter.

Santa can you please include 10 AA batteries, because they do not come with the kit.

PPS I am over three years of age.

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